Faculty Development Leads

A University-wide Faculty Development Leads Committee was established to 

  1. Ensure that there is regular input from faculty on University sponsored faculty development initiatives. 
  2. Encourage collaboration across schools and colleges. 
  3. Maintain an accurate and current listing of all faculty development activities occurring in schools and colleges on the Faculty Development web site.

The Faculty Development Leads Committee is composed of faculty representatives from 14 Schools and Colleges, CETLA, the Faculty Senate, University Libraries, and the Office of Research.  

2020-2021 Faculty Development Leads Committee


Okianer Christian-Dark
Associate Provost for Faculty Development
Professor of Law

2020-2021 Members

Dr. Lucy S. Lim, School of Business

Dr. Morris Thomas, CETLA

Dr. Thomas A. Foster and Dr. Jules Harrell, COAS

Dr. Tia Tyree, School of Communications 

Dr. Iris J. Morton, College of Dentistry

Dr. Frederick Ware, School of Divinity

Dr. Kenneth Anderson, School of Education

Dr. Sonya Smith, College of Engineering, Architecture 

Dr. Constance Ellison, Faculty Senate - Graduate Schoo

Dr. MacKenzie J. Jordan, Office of Human Resources 

Matthew Bruckner, School of Law - Associate Professor

Ms. Angelique Carson, Howard University Libraries

Dr. Dexter Lee, Howard University RCMI

Dr. Chimene Castor, College of Medicine College of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences

Dr. Yolanda McKoy-Beach, School of Pharmacy

Ms. Pamela Clarke, Office of Research

Dr. Janice Edwards, School of Social Work 

Dr. J. Jarpa Dawuni, Women, Gender and Sexualities Studies Collective