International Student Services

Welcome to all international students, scholars, and their families. The staff of the Office of International Student Services (ISS) sincerely hopes that you will enjoy your stay at Howard University.

There are many resources available through our office and at the University. We hope that these resources will help answer some of your questions and enhance your experience. This site includes descriptions of some of the programs and services we offer, including short biographies of the members of our staff.

The mission of our Office is to assist individual international students, faculty, staff members and their families by advising them on federal immigration, labor regulations, and by providing counseling on personal, academic, financial, and social matters. We try to promote cross-cultural awareness for the Howard University community through educational programming, such as cultural adjustment, and cross-cultural communication. Our goal is to serve as an information and resource service for Howard University and the surrounding communities; and in general, to promote the benefits of international educational exchange.

It is our hope that you will find our staff to be accessible and helpful to you. You are encouraged to make personal appointments to eliminate unnecessary wait time. We look forward to meeting you and the members of your family.


Peter A. Ugbong, M.A., JD, (PDSO/RO)
Visa and Administrative Coordinator
(202) 806-2777

Rachel Berlin, M.A.(DSO)
International Student Advisor

Office of International Student Services Staff

Peter A. Ugbong, M.A., JD, (PDSO/RO)
Visa and Administrative Coordinator

Rachel Berlin, (M.A., DSO) 
International Student Advisor

About Us

Our Role

Role of The International Student Services Office

  • Safeguard the ability to bring international students and scholars to the university
  • Ensure compliance with federal agency requirements (Department of Homeland Security and Department of State)
  • Track laws and regulations
  • Apply for certifications and re-certifications
  • Ensure training for staff compliance
  • Act as a resource to university departments for immigration questions
  • Help you maintain and abide by your Student Status as it pertains to the US Immigration law
  • Keep you informed of changes in Immigration law
  • Cultural Adjustment Programming
  • Orientation to academic and social life in the US.
  • Immigration Advising for students
  • SEVIS/DHS Reporting Requirements

Immigration Advising

Immigration Advising for International Students includes the following: 

  • Production of immigration documents
  • Updating and record-keeping of immigration documents and SEVIS records
  • Maintenance of status and enrollment requirements
  • Travel requirements and visa applications
  • Changes of immigration status
  • Work authorization

Immigration Updates & Alerts

Key Agencies

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

USCIS Students and Employment

Students and Employment | USCIS

Department of Homeland Security ( DHS)

Department of State (DOS)

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

All Forms | USCIS