New Presidential Strategic Initiatives Focused on Faculty Research and Enhancement of Research Infrastructure

President Vinson has unveiled several forthcoming initiatives in collaboration with Provost Anthony Wutoh that will be framed around supporting faculty research activities and prioritizing an enhanced research infrastructure. The initiative includes seed grant opportunities to support faculty research and professional development. The first round of funding, in the amount of $1 million, will be allocated to support following categories of initiatives: 

  • - HU Research Chairs 
  • - Faculty Travel Grant (FTG) 
  • - Research Microgrants and Book Supplements 
  • - Instructional (Course) Release 
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New General Education Framework

The University has launched a new General Education framework that is anchored by seven Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) that every undergraduate student should achieve before earning a degree at Howard University: 

1. Knowledge of U.S. and Global African Diasporic Developments 
2. Knowledge of Human Cultures and Creative Expression 
3. Knowledge of the Physical and Natural World 
4. Intellectual and Practical Skills 
5. Social Responsibility and Knowledge of Political Institutions  
6. Leadership and Applied Learning 
7. Comprehensive Wellness Practices
We have adopted the new requirements for freshman and transfer students for the 2023-2024 academic year. The implementation of the revised General Education Program coincides with the deployment of our new student information system, BisonHub, which will facilitate an enhanced registration process and efficient business processes. The new General Education Program framework will offer greater flexibility to students, improve the advising process, and enhance the overall undergraduate experience.

Read more about the University's new General Education Framework here.

New Center for Applied Data Science & Analytics

The Center of Applied Data Science and Analytics (CADSA) was founded to coordinate and facilitate interdisciplinary programs in data science and data analytics; collaborate with other institutes and centers on the campus; expand and coordinate research funding; and develop research and educational linkages that will include internship and placement programs with sponsoring corporations and government agencies. CADSA is offering a new online M.S. in Data Science and Analytics.

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