Decanal Evaluations

In accordance with the Faculty Handbook, Deans shall be evaluated by the faculty of their academic units, in writing, at least once every two (2) years. The evaluation shall be developed and coordinated by collaboration between the Office of the Provost and Chief Academic Officer and the Executive Committee of the school/college. Evaluation rubrics will be distributed to faculty within each school/college to provide them the opportunity to give feedback on their decanal leadership. The evaluation rubric will consist of a series of questions in which participating faculty will assign a score and will be given an opportunity for discursive comments. The discursive comments allow faculty to state any reasons they have for believing that the decanal leadership has or has not helped the school or college make progress in meeting its mission and goals. The Executive Committee will tabulate the results of the evaluation and submit a summary report and all completed evaluation rubrics to the Provost. The rubric responses and comments will be anonymous and will not be edited. The Provost will communicate the results of the evaluation to the full-time faculty within the school or college within sixty (60) days of the completion of the evaluation. The results shall be used by the Provost to improve the effectiveness of deans and to make recommendations to the President regarding their continuation or replacement.

Since 2020, the executive committees of the schools and colleges have worked collaboratively with the Office of the Provost to develop and continuously improve a university-wide core decanal evaluation rubric, as well as school/college-specific sections. The rubrics can be accessed via the hyperlink below for your school or college.

Access a School or College Rubric

Core Decanal Evaluation Form