Program Innovation Review Committee

Program Innovation & Review Committee

The Office of the Provost established the Program Innovation and Review Committee (PIRC) in January 2019 in conjunction with a newly developed process to review and approve new academic programs at Howard University. The PIRC first convened in February 2020 and has played a vital role in serving the Howard University community since then, the PIRC has played a vital role in serving the HU community and their efforts include:

  • formation of the PIRC Subcommittees to work collaboratively with departments proposers to guide new program proposals
  • review of Letters of Intent (LOIs) for new academic degree programs
  • review of proposals for the Academic Program Prioritization current funding cycle

For additional information regarding new program proposals and details of the review process visit

In an effort to assist in the actualization of the strategic pillars, the Office of the Provost in collaboration with the Program Innovation and Review Committee (PIRC) will work as partners to support the development of new and cutting edge programs that will strengthen the university’s overall academic program portfolio, facilitate utilization of best practices in the development of new program offerings, and ensure effective alignment of resources with the University’s initiatives and priorities. The PIRC is responsible for reviewing Letters of Intent and formal proposals for new academic programs. The PIRC will also make recommendations to the Provost and Chief Academic Officer on new program applications that are interdisciplinary, innovative, focused on online learning, aligned with the strategic pillars of Howard Forward, sustainable, and addresses a strategic academic need.  

The PIRC consists of faculty representation from each College/School and representatives from the Faculty Senate, the Howard University Student Association, and the Office of Digital and Online Learning. All representatives for the PIRC serve a two-year term with the option of serving an additional year.