Amgen Scholars Program

Deadline: February 1, 2024 (11:59PM Eastern Time)

Brief Description

The Amgen Scholars Program at Howard is a 10-week residential summer research program for undergraduates interested doing research in biotechnology and related biomedical sciences. 

  • Internship Dates: June 8, 2024 through August 17, 2024 
  • Howard Amgen Scholars conduct hands-on, research under the mentorship of faculty and supervisors (post-docs and doctoral students). Laboratory hosts are affiliated with a variety of divisions of the university - the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) departments:  Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Howard’s Medical School, Molecular and Cellular Biology; as well as Howard’s Interdisciplinary Research Institute. 
  • Howard Amgen Scholars participate in scholarly and pre-professional development sessions and cohort social activities and will attend the North American Amgen Scholars Symposium. Examples of Howard’s pre-professional development and scholarly training include workshops on topics such as how to think like a scientist/researcher, research integrity, PhD and MD/PhD student experiences, and the graduate school application process. Additionally, the interns will have the opportunity to speak to graduate students, and various scientists. 
  • Scholar expectations include: 
    • Full participation in the 10-week of the internship program. Scholars would not have time to take summer courses, have a job other than the Howard Amgen Internship. 
    • Reside in housing provided on Howard’s campus 
    • Participate as a full collaborator in the assigned laboratory 
    • Attend all of the activities as part of the summer experience 
    • Must attend and participate in the Amgen Scholars Symposium 
    • Present his/her/their summer project at the symposium oral presentation 
    • Complete surveys, readings (articles) as assigned 
  • Scholars will receive: 
    • A $5,000 stipend 
    • Housing and meals paid by the Howard Amgen Program 
    • Travel allowance for travel to and from DC
    • Paid travel to and from the Amgen Scholars Symposium.
  • Eligibility
  • The Amgen Scholars Program at Howard selects undergraduates with high academic success, research interests in the indicated fields, and a commitment to pursuing a career in science especially research.
    • Applicants must be a U.S. citizen or a U.S. permanent resident 
    • Undergraduate students enrolled in accredited four-year colleges or universities in the United States, Puerto Rico or other U.S. territories 
    • Sophomores (with four quarters or three semesters of college experience), juniors or non-graduating seniors (who are returning in the fall to continue undergraduate studies) 
    • Have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or above (on a 4.0 scale) 
    • Have an interest in pursuing a STEM Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. 
    • Previous research experience is not required for participation 

How to Apply

  1. Review the program and application information thoroughly 
  2. Go to link to complete an Howard-Amgen Scholars application in Submittable 
  3. Faculty profiles will be listed on the webpage soon. 

For questions, please contact: