FACULTY SUCCESS: Tell your Story Once!

The Office of the Provost has adopted an online system, Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) by Watermark, to capture information about faculty activities in one place.  This faculty activity data will be used to support multiple activities such as promotion, tenure, appointments and reappointments, accreditation reporting, and annual faculty evaluations.

Instead of asking faculty to enter the same activity data in multiple forms or send faculty to multiple offices across campus several times each year in slightly different ways, faculty members will be able to enter their information in one place and update it seamlessly.  Faculty will input their accomplishments and activities in one place with one tool -- Faculty SuccessFaculty Success is available to update information anytime and from any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection. This platform will be used by faculty in all schools and colleges.

The purpose of this landing page is to provide faculty with one location to get all your information about Faculty Success including the trainings, access to the Helpdesk, resource materials, responses to FAQs and critical calendar deadlines.  If you have a question and do not see a response or resource that provides you with help, then contact us at FacultySuccess@howard.edu.  Our goal is to help you to have a successful experience with Faculty Success.

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