Faculty Success FAQ

How do I log into Faculty Success?

When will I know if I am hired?

To be hired as a faculty member at Howard University, your appointment must be approved by the Provost and/or President, and you must complete onboarding through the Office of Human Resources (HR).  You cannot teach in any capacity until both steps are complete.

The progress of your appointment application can be tracked via the History section of your Faculty Success Workflow Inbox.

  • Once you submit your signed contract, you have completed all tasks within Faculty Success, and your appointment has been approved. You still need to be onboarded by HR prior to teaching in any capacity.
  • You should receive an email from our HR team requesting additional information. If you do not receive an email from HR before you are scheduled to enter the classroom, please contact your department chair or dean. 
  • After you have been onboarded, if you have questions about system access, you should contact our ETS helpdesk at huhelpdesk@howard.edu
  • You will need to attend a Faculty Orientation. Please look out for an email invitation from Jacqueline Young, Faculty Development Program Manager (jyoung1@howard.edu).

Do I need to enter all of my activities into Faculty Success?

  • The application will be populated with information that you have uploaded into the Faculty Activities section of Faculty Success. Please update all of your information in the Activities section, as your course evaluations, peer assessments and other measures of teaching effectiveness will be used in the evaluation process.

How do I import my CV into Faculty Success?

CV Import has three (3) steps:

1. Importing your CV document

2. Highlighting specific parts of your CV as you follow the Faculty Success prompts

3. Reviewing you Faculty Success CV created from the highlighted sections 

How do I complete FPES (Faculty Performance Evaluation) in Faculty Success?

Faculty must enter their activities in Faculty Success and are encouraged to do so throughout the year. This information will be the documentation or support for the evaluation.

Annual faculty evaluations (FPES) are conducted in late spring of every year. All faculty, full- and part-time, are required to complete the annual evaluation this year in the Faculty Success online platform. Your faculty self-evaluation (review materials) must be submitted via the Faculty Success-Faculty Performance Evaluation System (FS-FPES) to your department chair or to your dean (in schools without departments). Faculty can regularly input their activities in Faculty Success throughout the year. This will facilitate preparation for self-evaluation during the FPES. 

How do I get help with a technical problem?

If you have a question and do not see a response or resource that provides you with help, then contact us at FacultySuccess@howard.edu.