Academic Innovation & Strategic Initiatives

The Office of Academic Innovation and Strategic Initiatives aids and supports faculty, students, schools and colleges, in the areas of new academic programs, online programs, academic innovation funding, and strategic partnerships with corporations, government agencies, and organizations.


The Office of Academic Innovation and Strategic Initiatives mission is to provide leadership for the development of strategic and innovative new academic programs. Consistent with the mission of Howard University, the Office of Academic Innovation will work collaboratively with faculty and staff to research, develop, and implement new programs designed to meet market demands and are consistent with Howard University strategic goals and objectives. It will stress a focus on interdisciplinary programs that utilize technology in the implementation and delivery.


The vision of the Office of Academic Innovation and Strategic Initiatives is to assist and support faculty and staff in producing research based opportunities to create innovative, accessible, and collaborative programs that furthers the mission of the University and expands the opportunity for global and non-traditional learners to receive a Howard University education.

Dr. Barron Harvey
Associate Provost
Academic Innovation & Strategic Initiatives

Ms. Ke'Anna Skipwith
Academic Innovation & Strategic Initiatives

Ms. Janelle Black
Administrative Assistant


The Office of Academic Innovation & Strategic Initiatives (OAI) is committed to bringing awareness about opportunities and sharing resources that cultivate innovation and highlight its benefits to the Howard University community.

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Specialization Launch of Information Systems for Business on Coursera

We are excited to announce the launch of Information Systems for Business Specialization on the Coursera learning platform. This is the 2nd course specialization that leads to an online certification offered by the Howard University-Coursera Partnership to learners worldwide to advance their skills and knowledge during a time that is convenient for them and at their own pace.

These courses were developed by Dr. Carlos Buskey, Assistant Professor, Information Systems, and Alton Henley, MBA Faculty, in the School of Business. More specifically, the Information Systems for Business Specialization consists of three courses that introduce learners to the frameworks in information systems and cloud computing, focusing on designing solutions for various businesses and organizations. Through the Howard University-Coursera Partnership, students, faculty, and staff at Howard have access to take online courses on Coursera.


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Iesha Fields, Ph.D.


"As an educator, I find Coursera's platform to be an invaluable tool. The learning platform provides maximum flexibility for teaching. The data analytics are excellent and can monitor student learning in real-time. It is easy to see when my students have mastered a skill or need additional support. The ability to document active learning is critical, and the platform made the job easy." __Iesha Fields, Ph.D., Howard University Department of Biology

Data Science for Social Justice

Howard scholars celebrate the launch of the inclusive growth and racial equity thought leadership lecture series, data visualization, and the Black experience exhibit using the influential scholar’s data of W.E.B. DuBois.


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Howard University Partners with Massive Data Institute and Morgan State University for Environmental Data Initiative

The cross-institutional team is developing an Environmental Impact Data Collaborative to support the use of data to make environmental policy more effective and just.

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Akeisha Gregory

Akeisha Gregory earned her bachelor's degree in psychology, with minors in African American Studies and Film and Media Studies from Georgetown University.  She is currently pursuing her JD and MBA dual degree at Howard University.  After graduation, Akeisha will work as an associate at a corporate law firm. Long term, she aspires to combine her interests in financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and estate planning.  Akeisha is assisting the OAI team with the new program proposal review process, academic innovation fund projects, and coordinating events.  

​​​​​​​Goba Dan-Princewill

Goba Dan-Princewill received his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Howard University and is pursuing his MBA at HU’s School of Business. While at Howard, he was a Terminator (Virtually integrated Projects) team member, co-founder of the Howard University Nigerian Organization, and an accomplished Track athlete. Goba intends to combine his engineering and business knowledge to pursue a career in project management. Goba is assisting the OAI team with enhancing their digital presence, generating reports/analyzing data, and coordinating events.