What are the advantages of using an LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) provides one central location for students to easily access your course syllabus, assignments, announcements, grades and anything else pertinent to your course. Some of the benefits of using a learning management system include: 

  • Students can access everything they need to succeed in your course in a single, secure, and easily searchable location. Both faculty and students benefit from using a familiar interface from one course to the next greatly reducing the time spent learning how to navigate a new interface for each course. 

  • Modern learning management systems are built around Learning Tools allowing for the easy integration of additional tools such as Echo360, Proctorio, online publishing tools, plagiarism detection resources, and many others. By accessing these tools through the LMS, students do not have to remember and enter passwords for each of these applications individually. 

  • LMS platforms are designed to work well on all devices including screen readers and mobile phones. Mobile apps created to integrate with the LMS can aggregate calendars and assignments allowing students to more efficiently use their time to focus on the content of your course. 

Course development time can be reduced by using our custom course templates, and content created for one course can be re-used and shared between courses.

Why Canvas?

Canvas has been identified as state-of-the-art in Learning Management Systems (LMS)  and following the unanimous recommendation from the University-wide LMS committee Canvas was selected as our new official LMS. This transition aligns with the Howard Forward Strategic Plan, Pillar 1, Enhance Academic Excellence; specifically supporting the initiatives, Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Student Success and Academic Innovation.

Why now?

This transition supports the expansion of developing a comprehensive Digital Learning Infrastructure (DLI). Developing a comprehensive DLI assists with the implementation of Workday Student and also the growth of online programs and course offerings as well as enhancing the learning experience for students across all instructional modalities.

What is the timetable for the transition?

Please reference the https://provost.howard.edu/canvas/timeline


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When do I need to move to Canvas?

Canvas will become Howard University’s official LMS beginning January 2, 2023. 

Prior to January 2, 2023 the following will occur:

  • Summer 2022- Soft launch with selected courses
  • Optional Instruction begins in Canvas for early adopters

What are the similarities/differences between Canvas and Blackboard?

Please reference the https://provost.howard.edu/canvas/canvas-resources


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What will happen to my Blackboard course content?

Course content in Blackboard will be automatically migrated to Canvas.  Once migrated, course content will be archived according to university policy regarding data retention. 

How long will I have access to my Blackboard sites?

Blackboard users will have access to Blackboard until December 31, 2022.

How does this affect the integration of third-party tools such as Echo360, Proctorio, Wiley, etc?

Most third-party tools are integrated with the learning management systems (LMS) through the Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) standard. Canvas is fully LTI compatible, which allows users to continue utilizing tools like Echo360 and others, regardless of the LMS in use. With that said, all third-party tools will also be evaluated for effectiveness, usability, and user preference to reduce redundancy and provide our faculty, staff, and students with the best tools possible.

Please note: Third-party tools (Proctorio, Wiley, etc) can be available in only one LMS; as of Summer 2022, the tools will be available solely in Canvas.

I have questions about the transition. Who should I contact?

For Canvas support, please access the Help page: https://provost.howard.edu/canvas/help


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I am interested in using Canvas during the Fall 2022 semester, what do I need to do?

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