Academic Innovation & Strategic Initiatives

The Office of Academic Innovation and Strategic Initiatives aids and supports faculty, students, schools and colleges, in the areas of new academic programs, online programs, academic innovation funding, and strategic partnerships with corporations, government agencies, and organizations.



Dr. Barron Harvey
Associate Provost
Academic Innovation & Strategic Initiatives

Ms. Ke'Anna Skipwith
Academic Innovation & Strategic Initiatives

Ms. Janelle Black
Administrative Assistant


The Office of Academic Innovation and Strategic Initiatives mission is to provide leadership for the development of strategic and innovative new academic programs. Consistent with the mission of Howard University, the Office of Academic Innovation will work collaboratively with faculty and staff to research, develop, and implement new programs designed to meet market demands and are consistent with Howard University strategic goals and objectives. It will stress a focus on interdisciplinary programs that utilize technology in the implementation and delivery.


The vision of the Office of Academic Innovation and Strategic Initiatives is to assist and support faculty and staff in producing research based opportunities to create innovative, accessible, and collaborative programs that furthers the mission of the University and expands the opportunity for global and non- traditional learners to receive a Howard University education.

Background & Announcement about the Establishment of the Office

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the initiation of the  new process for the establishment of new academic programs effective November 6, 2020 under the auspices of the Office of Academic Innovation and Strategic Initiatives in the Office of the Provost. The process was developed from recommendations by the New Academic Program Approval Taskforce that was established in January 2019 by Provost Wutoh. The group was led by co-chairs Dr. Joy Banks, Department Chair of Curriculum and Instruction, School of Education and Dean Danielle Holley-Walker of the School of Law. The group’s work was guided by the principle that new programs enable the university to maintain a position of intellectual leadership while remaining current in the competitive educational marketplace. Taskforce members further recognized that ideas for new degree, certificate and other programs arise in response to the emergence of new disciplines or changes in existing disciplines that provide opportunities for the University.

The major goal of new process is to strengthen Howard’s academic portfolio by identifying opportunities for the development of market strength in key new academic areas. This process supports Howard University faculty, staff and students who consider ways to leverage current academic strengths at the University with data regarding workforce trends, employer needs, and burgeoning areas of student and faculty interest. Priority will be given to proposals that feature:

  • interdisciplinarity;
  • innovation;
  • expansion of resources for the University; and
  • inclusion of online instruction as a key component of the instructional methodology.

Each new program will be reviewed three years after implementation to determine whether it is meeting benchmarks for support of mission, productivity, quality, demand, and net revenue. The new approval process builds on the recognized opportunities identified in the Academic Program Prioritization process and aligns programs with both the University’s mission and strategic plan--Howard Forward 2020-2024.

The new program approval process will be managed by the Office of Academic Innovation and Strategic Initiatives under the leadership of Dr. Barron Harvey, the inaugural Associate Provost for Academic Innovation and Strategic Initiatives. Forms regarding new program proposals, and additional details of the process are available here.

Thank you.

Excellence in Truth and Service,

Anthony K. Wutoh, Ph.D., R.Ph.
Provost and Chief Academic Officer