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Proposed Faculty Handbook Revision


DATE:          February 9, 2018

TO:              Howard University Faculty

FROM:         Anthony K. Wutoh, Ph.D., R.Ph.
                    Provost and Chief Academic Officer

SUBJECT:    Howard University Faculty Handbook

I am pleased to inform you that I have submitted to Faculty Senate Chair, Dr. Richard Wright, the final draft of the proposed Faculty Handbook Revision, dated February 9, 2018, which was drafted by the working group on the Faculty Handbook that was assembled last April (2017). Six faculty members serve on the working group: Dr. Tricia Bent-Goodley, School of Social Work; Professor e. christi cunningham, School of Law; Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, School of Business; Dr. Ahmed Moen, College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences; Dr. Mercedes Tibbits, College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. Eric Walters, College of Medicine. In addition, Associate Provosts Angela Cole Dixon and Joseph Reidy represent my office on the project. Collectively, the working group dedicated hundreds of hours of thoughtful discussion, reading, and consideration of issues of key importance to the faculty to the generation of this document.

The working group met throughout the summer to produce a working draft of the document, and, since the beginning of the fall semester, its members have remained engaged in proposing revisions based on suggestions that I received from our colleagues during the open comment period just before the holiday break. I am grateful to the group for their dedicated work on behalf of colleagues and the University. While there were issues that generated great debate and differences of opinion, I especially appreciate the spirit of collegiality and shared governance that has been demonstrated throughout. I take pride in saying that the revised Howard University Faculty Handbook that has been submitted for the consideration of the Faculty Senate is a consensus document.

Despite the differences in appearance from the 1993 Faculty Handbook—the use of alphabetical chapter designations instead of numerical ones, for instance—this proposed revision essentially retains the policies and procedures of 1993. The proposed revision includes some new material that was made necessary by changes in the law (e.g., with regard to the federal and D.C. Family and Medical Leave Acts) and by changes in practice at universities nationwide (e.g., with regard to stoppages of the tenure clock). New sections address the various types of faculty appointments, here generally described as Non-Tenured Renewable Term Appointments, which reflect actions taken by the Board of Trustees since 1993. Such categories of faculty appointments, which include that of Master Instructor in the College of Arts and Sciences and those associated with Clinical Educator Tracks in the Health Sciences, were approved by the Board on the recommendation of the deans and faculties of the various schools and colleges. A new chapter delineates disciplinary procedures that were referenced in the 1993 Faculty Handbook but not systematically developed.

This memorandum and the Proposed Faculty Handbook Revision are available at:

I will continue to update you on progress with this important initiative.

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